LA090HVP LG Split Air conditioner - Includes LAU90HVP LAN90HVP - SEER 16

Item#: LA090hvP LAU90hvP LAN90hvP

Brand: LG

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Product Details
Product Overview

The LG LA090HVP Art Cool Gallery Wall Mounted Heat Pump Mini Split System is 16 SEER rated and includes (1) LAU090HVP Outdoor Condenser and (1) LAN090HVP Indoor Unit. This single zone system uses a heat pump to provide both heating and cooling to your home or commercial area while providing a more aesthetically pleasing backdrop to your room. LG Art Cool Gallery indoor units are designed to display artwork or photography. With a maximum heating capacity of 10,800 BTU/hour and a maximum cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU/hour, this LG system provides comfortable temperatures in most environments. Revolutionary inverter technology minimizes energy loss, improving the system's overall energy efficiency. The LA090HVP system includes a wireless remote control.

Product Features

Inverter heat pumps use a variable speed compressor in place of standard constant speed compressors. Instead of shutting off at the set temperature, variable speed compressors continue to operate at a low speed to maintain the desired temperature and save on energy costs.

Auto Changeover
The controller changes the operation mode automatically from heating to cooling or cooling to heating to maintain your desired temperature in the room.

Auto Restart
Your system will automatically resume operation in its most recent operation mode or return to the programmed schedule following a power failure.

Chaos Wind
Fan speeds adjust to create a more random and natural flow of air. Chaos winds assist in preventing pockets of warm or cold air.

Customizable Art Panel
Place artwork or photos of your choice in the customizable panel.

Dehumidifying Mode
The indoor unit helps to control humidity levels by automatically shutting down the compressor when room temperatures become too cool.

Jet Cool/Heat
This function allows a system to operate at high speed for 30 minutes to rapidly cool or heat a room.

Self-Cleaning Indoor Coil
The self-cleaning coil drives dirt and moisture off of it, extending the life of your mini-split system.

3-Way Cooling
A three-directional air flow creates a natural circulation.

Product Includes
  • (1) LAU090HVP 9,000 BTU Outdoor Condenser
  • (1) LAN090HVP 9,000 BTU Indoor Unit
  • (1) Wireless Controller
  • (1) Installation Plate and Hardware


Cooling Capacity (BTU): 9000
Heating Capacity (BTU): 10800
Energy Star Rated: Yes
Number of Zones: 1
Air Circulation (CFM H/M/L): 350/300/229
EER: 12.5
SEER: 16
Refrigerant Type: R-410A
Dehumidification (Pts/Hr): 2.6
Application: Cooling
Modes: Cooling
Auto Sleep
Dehumidification (Pts/Hr): 2.54
Modes: Heating
Remote Control: Wireless
Thermostat Range (Cooling/Heating): 64°-90°F/60°-86°F
Fan Speeds (Cooling/Heating/Fan): 4/5/5
Indoor dB(A): 42/36/32
Indoor Voltage: 230/208-60-1
Suction Line: 3/8"
Liquid Line: 1/4"
Max. Pipe Length (ft.): 49'
Indoor Dimensions (H x W x D): 23-5/8" x 23-5/8" x 5-3/4"
Indoor Weight: 31 lbs.
Warranty: 7 Year Compressor/5 Year Parts
Mount: Wall
Product Type: Indoor Unit