5.0 Ton 14 EER Water Source Heat Pump First Co Hydro-Tech WSVX060N6RH Similar to Mcquay Geothermal

Item#: WSVX060N6RH


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Product Details


Weight 325.0 Pound (lb.)
Length 26.0 Inches (in)
Width 26.0 Inches (in)
Height 43.2 Inches (in)
Country of Origin USA
UPC or Barcode NA
Hazardous Material No
EPA Cert Required No
Tonnage 5
Voltage 208/230 VAC
Brand First Company
Phase Single
Minimum Circuit Amps 41.0
Rated Load Amps 26.4
Cycle/Hertz 60
Locked Rotor Amps 134.0
Tier WSVX Series
All units operate with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.
Cabinets insulated with ¾” Tuf-Skin RX™ treated with an anti-microbial agent. 
Non-corrosive Thermoplastic Condensate Pan, sloped for positive drainage.
High and Low pressure Service Ports.
Refrigerant Filter-drier and Discharge Muffler.
Coaxial Water-To-Refrigerant Heat Exchanger.
Heat exchanger available in Copper or Cupronickle
Digital Control Module (DCM).
Multi-speed blower motor .
Panel-mounted FPT Water Connections.
High efficiency rotary, scroll or reciprocating compressor.